DENSO TEN Builds Bridges Between People, Cars, and Society.

We make cars smarter, more enjoyable, and easier to use.

Cars are more than simply a means of transportation. They have evolved to become an intimate part of people’s lives.

We produce advanced, one-of-a-kind sensors for car safety and security, control systems for improving fuel efficiency and reducing exhaust emissions, and interfaces for communicating information to people in a way that is easy to understand. Using such automotive technology coupled with information communications technology (ICT), we have created unique connective technologies that more closely bridge the gap between people and the vehicles they drive, as well as between society and the automobiles that play such an important role in society. Our role is to bring greater freedom and comfort to the mobility society.


Car Infotainment

Display Control Unit or DCU is a Digital TV Tuner with a Premium Function of Climate Controller (A/C) and Vehicle Information Display which can determine the energy flow and fuel consumption for monitoring your vehicle performance and efficiency.

Aside from it, this device consist of Toyota Smart Link, Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Miracast, Bluetooth and WiFi which make this product enjoyable while travelling. For its basic function, it has a USB Media Player, IPod Audio Player and AM/FM Frequency to listen to music and radio stations.

A power amplifier is a type of amplifier that supplies power to a speaker or speakers. In general a power amplifier is designated as the last amplifier in a transmission chain (the output stage) and is the amplifier stage that typically requires most attention to power efficiency.

The Power Amp drives speakers to the loudest volume intended by increasing the amplitude of the low-level signal from the program source or pre-amplifier, thereby producing outstanding sound quality.

This product is a high grade tuner control CD player and is fully loaded with the latest technology. CD tuner features depend on the model. Some models have IPod and IPhone direct control, USB connection which adds expansion on music on USB devices, built in Bluetooth for hands free calls, remote control, etc..

The Tuner Module contains the tuner circuit that allows the audio unit to receive radio signals.  Fujitsu Ten’s standard car radio tuner has FM diversity reception and an AM noise canceller that improve sound quality. 

This module converts RF signals to IF signals, and output the IF signals. It is constructed of a tuner LSI and its circuitry, as well as memory IC that stores parameters.

TV amp is used to boost the quality of TV picture and reception by amplifying the signals. It improves the speed and reliability of signals thus eliminating signal loss, picture that is grainy, snowy and/or blurry ghost-like images.

Our Antenna Amplifier is designed to boost signal strength and improve reception on AM and FM channels, improving picture quality and restoring signal loss. 

G-AVN stands for Global Audio Visual Navigation. It is a product that combines audio, visual and navigation in one. With this product you can play music, view your favorite movies, listen to radio stations, connect your mobile and IPOD, navigate your destination and many more.

The Global AVN (Audio-Visual Navigation) is equipped with GPS navigation, multilingual options, built-in Bluetooth, and voice recognition for limited functions.  It also features a wide array of media support (USB/iPod/HD-Radio/TV/AVC-LAN)

Flip down monitor is a drop down LCD monitor that is mounted on the roof of car. This is also referred to as an overhead monitor. This unit is great for viewing DVD. You can enjoy your favorite movie while on the way to your destination.

The roof-mount 11-inch Flipdown Monitor has high-resolution display for AVN/VTR/DVD and TV, a sound amplifier suited for media support, such as CD/DVD/iPod/SD/MP3 and radio, a wireless remote, and automatic image quality adjustment.  This infotainment device can be installed in virtually any vehicle, in ivory, gray and beige colors that match vehicle interiors. 

Automotive Electronics

Continuously Variable Transmission which is a Transmission that can change sleeplessly through an infinite number of effective gear ratios between maximum and minimum values. This contrasts with other mechanical transmission that offers a fixed number of gear ratios. The flexibility of a CVT allow as the driving shaft to maintain a constant angular velocity over a range of output velocities. This can provide better fuel economy than other transmissions by enabling the engine to run at its most efficient revolutions per minute (RPM) for a range of vehicle speeds. Alternatively, it can be used to maximize the performance of a vehicle by allowing the engine to turn at the rpm at which it produces peak power.

The TVSS sends a signal that sets an alarm when the car’s security system experiences an attempted breach, possibly a break-in through the door or a shock to a side window.  The sensor detects any abnormality and the system automatically flashes vehicle lights and emits a high-volume sound.  This system also has a remote control function for locking and unlocking the doors.

The system sends an alarm signal when there is a break-in through a door or a shock to a side window. A sensor quickly detects any abnormality, and the system flashes the lights automatically and sounds the horn intermittently. The door can be locked or unlocked by remote control function.

Central to an EFI system is a computer called the Engine Control Unit (ECU), which monitors engine operating parameters via various sensors. The ECU interprets these parameters to calculate the appropriate amount of fuel to be injected, among other tasks, and controls engine operation by manipulating fuel and/or air flow as well as other variables.

This device triggers the bag to inflate. Inflation happens when there is a collision force equal to running into a brick wall at 10 to 15 miles per hour (16 to 24 km per hour). A mechanical switch is flipped when there is a mass shift that closes an electrical contact, telling the sensors that a crash has occurred.

Electric Power Steering or EPS is an assistance equipment for steering wheel operation from driver. It helps the driver to operate light power in terms of steering and will provide a much comfort driving.