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We make cars smarter, more enjoyable and easier to use.

DENSO TEN Builds Bridges Between People, Cars, and Society.

We make products that support safe driving from many angles?by preventing accidents and minimizing damage if an accident does occur?with the aim of establishing a support system for safe driving that links together cars, pedestrians, cities, and road information.

We have built a system that delivers information on traffic conditions, parking availability, and the weather at the driver’s destination in real time. Our goal is to deliver information with optimal content delivered with optimal timing based on sensors that help ascertain how the driver is feeling, his or her state of health, and conditions on that day.

We are actively developing systems for improving fuel efficiency and reducing exhaust emissions. As power sources become more advanced in various ways, our products that control power sources and make them more efficient are used to optimize energy use not only in cars and towns, but throughout society.

Our Products

Car Infotainment

 Leader in aftermarket audio and visual equipment. Beyond enabling the enjoyment of multimedia content through two-way information transmission and seamless integration, we also actively develop applications to make driving more enjoyable by sharing memories of and recommendations from your drives. We utilize ICT, such as cloud services, to provide services that offer ever greater convenience.

Automotive Electronics

We employ cutting-edge telecommunications and sensing and control technologies to enhance vehicle performance and optimize vehicle control. At the same time, our products help to improve safety on the roads and reduce environmental impact. The many electronic devices we have developed and released over the years strive to improve the connections between people and cars, a pursuit we are committed to continuing.W

DENSO TEN carries out products for markets around the world.

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